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The Hangover

I adore New Orleans, but I’ve never been to Mardi Gras. I almost made it in 2011, but couldn’t get there until the day after. It was quite a colorful mess, like a crashing hangover in which every sight and sound was just a little too sharp for comfort. Lucky for me, it had rained that morning, leaving little dirty puddles populated by shiny beads throughout the French Quarter, ready to pose for the camera.

There is only one shot of people — the last in this gallery — two priests who set up shop on a corner to provide a little day-after absolution for all those Mardi Gras sinners. After all, lent had just begun, and if the good folks of NOLA couldn’t make it to church, then the church would come to them. I stood across the street and watched them for some time. The streets were pretty empty, but there were still no takers, even though the incense burning at their feet smelled delicious and welcoming.

These photos were taken with my cheap Sony Cyber-shot and doctored in iPhoto to sharpen the images a bit.


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