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Three Hours in San Francisco

I know very little about San Francisco, but I can tell you that everyone who’s spent time there has told me I’d love it. So when I had the chance to pop in and out for a work trip last week, I made certain I could carve out three hours for a good walk to explore at least a few neighborhoods. rates San Francisco as the second most walkable city in the U.S. after New York City. Looking at a two-dimensional map, that makes complete sense to me. But I’d have to ask the folks at if they accounted for the extraordinary hills in the city (I’m thinking: no). If it hadn’t been for the amount of walking I regularly do, I’m not sure I could’ve covered so much ground.
For those of you who know SF, my route took me from my hotel on Market Street to Union Square to Chinatown for dinner. Afterwards, I headed up Columbus to Little Italy, over to Nob Hill, and back down to Market Street. It really is gorgeous city, everyone I met was super-smart, pleasant and chill, and next time I hope to stay long enough to get to Lombard Street, Telegraph Hill, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Golden Gate Park.
These photos were shot on my iPhone 4s and old Sony Cyber Shot. They were lightly edited in iPhoto, and some received heavier editing in Picasa.

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